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Main Street Home Repairs

  Handyman Services & Professional Home Repair

Decks & Patio

  • Deck & Patio Construction

  • Deck & Patio Repair

  • Deck Staining &Painting

  • Screen in porch installation & repair

Brick Repair 

  • brick step repair

  • tuckpointing

  • fireplace repair

  • damaged brick repair

  • cinder block repair

Siding & Soffit 

  • Wood soffit installation

  • Wood soffit repair

  • Vinyl soffit installation

  • Vinyl soffit repair

  • Fascia installation & Repair

  • Metal fascia trim installation

  • Cement fiber board 


  • Interior and exterior

  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Trim, baseboards, and moldings

  • Specialty painting


  • Gutter cleaning

  • Gutter repair & replacement

  • gutter guard installation

  • in ground drainage systems

  • Drywall repair & finishings

  • Accent walls & ceilings installation

  • drywall texture removal

Roofing Repair & Replacement

  • Missing shingle repair

  • leaking roof repair

  • Rubber roof repair

  • TPO roof repair

  • Metal roof repair

  • Flashing repair

  • Flashing replacement

  • Roof replacement

  • Ceiling fan installation & repair

  • Ring camera installation

  • Light fixture installation & repair

  • GFCI installation & repair

  • Breaker box repair

  • New wiring

Decks & Patio
  • Door installation & repair

  • Patio door installation & repair

  • Pet door installation

  • Screen door installation & repair

  • Sliding door installation & repair

  • Door hardware installation & repair

  • Door weatherproofing

  • Window repair & replacement

  • Historic window repair

  • Full home remodeling

  • Exterior

  • Interior

Rental Property Repairs
  • Tenant turns

  • Trash out

  • Service calls

  • Deep cleaning

  • Full property maintenance

         Main Street Home Repairs, Services

            When it comes to finding the best handyman in Nashville and surrounding areas for various types of home maintenance and repair services, roofing repair or replacement, and small-scale remodeling projects, Main Street Home Repairs is your best bet. See some of our services at Main Street Home Repairs.

  Main Street Home Repairs offers Nashville homeowners the best and most affordable handyman services. Our remodeling, roofing, and home repair experts take great pride in providing top-quality services and use only the best products and tools to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

      Over the years, we’ve successfully built a remarkable reputation for ourselves throughout Nashville and its neighboring areas, including Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Brentwood, Springfield, Joelton, Gallatin, Franklin, Portland, and more. 

      Main Street Home Repairs is your go-to home repair and remodeling expert. We are your ultimate one-stop shop in Nashville, with hands-on experience and knowledge. Rest assured; we can turn what you envisioned for your home into a reality.  With many years of years of experience, and many satisfied customers and recognition in the industry, you can place your utmost trust in our specialists at Main Street Home Repairs to provide the best service using the best-in-class tools and products.
   We offer a vast range of home repair services, including taking up remodeling projects, roofing repair and replacement, and much more. 





        Deck Repair Nashville

      The majority of homes have decks, as they serve as an excellent way of contributing more space to a home. Apart from offering you a relaxation spot, decks are the best place to enjoy al fresco dining and entertain your guests, especially during the summers.
    Like any external space, decks, too, are susceptible to damage due to weather conditions. With time, these damages can end up becoming more significant and cause serious problems that can compromise your health and safety.
      As a result, homeowners need to get regular inspections done to help them detect problems in the initial stages and get them fixed before causing an accident. To maintain your deck well, here are a couple of things you should keep an eye on:



  • Cracks

  • Rot

  • Ledger

  • Beams and joints

  • Stairs and railings





              There’s significant value in hiring a professional to tackle all your deck and patio repair and restoration problems. A reliable deck and patio maintenance and repair service provider like Main Street Home Repairs knows just what to look for during the deck inspection process.
Our specialists can extend your deck’s life by several years and easily detect minor issues that can turn into more significant problems if they’re not addressed in the initial stages. There are many safety hazards to keep a vigilant eye on, and only a professional can do this. Our deck and patio services include:

  • Deck and patio repair 

  • Deck and patio construction 

  • Door repair and installation 

  • Sliding door repair and installation 

  • Patio door repair and installation 

  • Screen in porch repair and installation 

  • Screen door repair and installation 

  • Pet door installation 

  • Door hardware repair and installation

  • Deck painting and staining 

  • Door weatherproofing 






        Fascia and Soffit Repair Nashville



       Your home is an important asset and probably the most valuable investment. Hence, it’s vital to ensure you do whatever it takes to safeguard that investment. For the majority of homeowners, the most prominent and significant features of their homes, like doors, siding, and windows, are the primary means of grabbing attention.

      Fascia and soffit are two essential fragments of the roofing system in your home that often tend to be overlooked, which can be worrying because they both play an integral part in protecting your home. Besides preventing your home from withstanding structural damage, fascia and soffit also provide a finished look to the exterior of your home.

     In addition, they can cycle the moisture and heat out of your attic, resulting in improved air circulation and ventilation for your roofing system. As a result, the best thing you can do is to ensure your fascia and soffit stay in excellent condition.
Like any fragment of your home, fascia and soffit must also be included in the list of things that require routine inspections. If you need an expert to spruce up your home, look no further.

      We at Main Street Home Repairs offer an array of fascia and soffit services, including:

  • Vinyl soffit repair and installation

  • Wood soffit repair and installation

  • Fascia repair and installation

  • Cement fiberboard

  • Metal fascia trim installation


       At Main Street Home Repairs, if our professionals notice that the soffit and fascia are starting to deteriorate or have endured some sort of damage, they’ll recommend you repair or replace them right away. If not, the overall stability of your roofing system can be adversely affected.
A few tell-tale pointers that state you need to get a repair job or replacement done include pest infestation on the roof, flaking paint, rotting signs, etc.














             Gutter Contractor Nashville


        The primary purpose of guttering and the gutter systems in our homes is to safely eradicate rainfall from the properties and whisk it away into the drainage system. The roofs and gutter systems aren’t designed to hold stagnant water for long.
        Clogged gutters, often resulting from the buildup of debris and dirt, can get in the way of effective rainwater damage and cause unavoidable and costly damage to your home. Even though the gutter system in our homes may be out of sight, it should certainly not be out of mind.

        Keeping on top of your roof and gutter health is essential to home improvement and maintenance. It is important to schedule regular cleaning sessions of your home’s gutter systems to eliminate the buildup of debris within and ensure water can move freely into the downpipe.
Gutter repairs, routine inspections, and upkeep and maintenance will ensure your property stays weather-tight externally as well as prevent damage on the inside.

                   Some benefits of gutter cleaning Nashville include the following:

  • It prevents causing water damage to your home

  • It eradicates the pests’ nesting place that can ruin your building

  • It protects your home against roof leakage

  • It guards your home against basement flooding

  • It prevents the destruction of landscaping

  • It prolongs the lifespan of your roof

  • It enhances your comfort and safety

  • It increases your gutter's lifespan

  • It significantly adds to the value and beauty of your home.

         Even though some people might decide to take up the gutter cleaning task themselves, nothing compares to hiring a professional to do it. To savor the maximum benefits of a gutter system, call in our experts at Main Street Home Repair, and we will help ensure they’re not clogged with debris, dirt, twigs, leaves, etc.


                           Our gutter services Nashville include the following:

In ground drainage systems

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Gutter guard installation

  • Gutter repair and replacements


           Roofing Repair Nashville & Replacement

         Out of all the different categories of maintenance work homeowners must think of and keep up with, roof repair and replacement is the most crucial. A safe, sound, robust roof will keep you, your precious family, and your valuable belongings dry and safe.

          A roof is the first line of defense, shielding your home from all kinds of natural elements. Overlooking those issues and neglecting to fix or maintain your roof can result in multiple enduring problems.
Hence, your home's roof requires regular maintenance, repairs, and upkeep, much in the same way our bodies require vaccinations, screenings, and physical tests and checkups.



      Here are a few of reasons why:

  • Lower electricity bills

  • Extended roof lifespan

  • Increased value to your property

  • Minimal or no replacement costs


         Homeowners usually question how to determine if they require a basic repair or an entire roof replacement job. Of course, there’s always some kind of repair or maintenance done to keep your home's roof in working order. Still, when talking about a major roof repair, there is usually a more serious and significant problem at hand to call in for a replacement.

            Advanced aging or severe damage to the roof is mainly what calls for a replacement project. Whether you require a roof repair or replacement service, Main Street Home Repairs experts can help you determine the best way to deal with your roofing system. 

           If you do not remember the last time you got a roof inspection or are in need of local roof repairs or replacement, we’re here for you.
At Main Street Home Repairs, we provide convenient, affordable, and hassle-free roof repair and replacement services such as:

  • Metal roof repair

  • Rubber roof repair

  • Missing shingle repair

  • TPO roof repair

  • Leaking roof repair

  • Roof replacement

  • Flashing repair and replacement












                       Brick Repair Nashville


         Brick is a remarkable and excellent choice of building material for a durable and safe dwelling structure. Even though they have longevity, there comes a time when the most durable things in life, like bricks, tend to experience wear and tear over time.
        With time, the bricks in our homes tend to deteriorate and lose the ability to repel nature’s elements such as rain, snow, frost, wind, etc. As a result, brick becomes less effective in keeping moisture and dampness away.
Bricks need the care to function at their optimum level, and sometimes, the best way to freshen the bricks in your home might be to get a brick repair.
        Brick tuckpointing provides an instant facelift to your home without the costly expenses of replacing the worn out, flaking, and crumbling mortar joints between bricks with new mortar, establishing a more powerful joint with more visual appeal.

        The most noticeable signs you need to repair the brick facing in your home is when you begin to observe signs of damage, such as:


  • Peeling bricks

  • Missing pieces or bricks

  • Broken and crumbly bricks

  • Cracks or chips in the brick

              If you observe the bricks in your home showing signs of peeling, cracks, breaking, or even the slightest hint of damage, it’s best to call in our experts to deal with the problem immediately. Our brick repair services include:

  • Fireplace repair

  • Brick step repair

  • Cinder block repair

  • Tuckpointing

  • Damage brick repair
















         Drywall Repair Nashville

            Besides the most evident aesthetic problems, there are a plethora of other reasons that speak in favor of getting your drywall repaired. Drywall has an array of functions, including protecting the interior of your home from weather elements, insects and pests, and moisture. Still, the most crucial role is to keep your house free of natural elements.

            Cracks and holes might allow wind, pests, insulation, construction deposit, and moisture into your home. In addition, drywall damage makes your home less energy efficient since the cooling and heat find their way out through the damaged drywall areas.

            You can do a handful of home jobs by looking them up on the internet, be it changing your sick faucet, repairing or fixing a doorknob, etc. Still, some things, such as repairing drywall, should be left only to professionals.
Moreover, fixing drywall on your own will only make the repair job costlier, as you might end up expanding the damaged area, which would only increase your cost.

Here are 4 reasons to hire the experts at Main Street Home Repairs whenever you need to install or fix your drywall: 


  • They know their job well

  • They have ample expertise and experience

  • They have the correct tools/equipment

  • It saves you a hoard of your valuable time


Whether you need to patch a single hole or multiple holes and cracks in your drywall, you can rest assured we do it all.


                          Our drywall services include:



  • Accent walls and ceiling installation

  • Drywall repair and replacement

  • Drywall texture removal

  • Drywall finishing





       Painting Companies Nashville

There are a few chores and tasks only a handful of us would consider doing on our own, such as re-wiring the electrical system in our home, fitting a new engine in the vehicle, tiling the roof, or cutting down a giant 50 ft. tree in the garden.
When it comes to such tasks, we usually turn to an expert for help because they have the right set of tools and experience to do the job efficiently, safely, and properly. Hence, it might seem awkward that many people consider home decorating and painting as something they can do and expect a good result, even if the last time they painted something was in their school art class. 
In reality, painting is a highly skilled job that requires a lot of expertise and practice. Getting a professional and long-lasting finish on your home's interior and exterior walls only comes with in-depth knowledge and experience in color management, paints, techniques, and preparation.



This is why you should hire the experts at Main Street Home Repairs to do the work. Our professional painters have the right set of skills and proficiency. They take the time to prep the surfaces so that the paint adheres properly and you get seamless, long-lasting results.


Our painting services include:

  • Moldings, baseboards, and trim

  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Interior and exterior walls

  • Specialty painting

             Electrician Nashville


Whether commercial or residential, your property will always call for perfectly installed and adequately maintained electrics. A handful of people believe they can carry out electrical installations or repairs on their own, but this is far from the truth. 

An integral part of the process is hiring a highly competent and qualified electrician to do the work, especially where complicated wiring is involved. This kind of task requires top-grade skills and efficiency to keep the work safe and clean, which only qualified electricians have.

The last thing anyone wants in their home is bad wiring because it is a massive safety hazard and, in short, a big NO! You do not want to risk hiring a sub-par electrician or letting an amateur install anything. This is why hiring a professional like Main Street Home Repairs for all your electrical installation and repair needs is an absolute must.

We display professionalism by ensuring we do the work properly, efficiently, and with zero mess. So, instead of doing a DIY job, you should get all your work done professionally and maintain it regularly for increased efficiency.


Some of our electrical services include:

  • New wiring

  • Ring camera installation

  • Ceiling fan repair and installation

  • GFCI repair and installation

  • Light fixture repair and installation

  • Breaker box repair

  • Service Upgrades

  • EV Car Charger installation and repair

        Window replacement companies   



        If you need new windows, you may spend considerable time pondering whether it’s better to replace the old windows and install new ones yourself or seek professional help from an expert. In the majority of cases, it is safer and better to hire a reputable and reliable replacement window professional.

        Without a doubt, professional window contractors have hands-on experience and all the latest industry knowledge, including awareness about the brand brands with technology to help you.


        Here's why you should consider hiring a professional to install, repair, or replace the windows in your home:

  • They have the patience and precision to do the job

  • It helps save considerable and valuable time

  • It is safer

  • They follow a tried and tested process

  • They display superior craftsmanship

  • They have access to top-grade products

  • It is easier to obtain permits

       If it seems like your electricity bills are escalating each month, chances are your windows aren’t functioning the way they should. Replacing your home’s windows with energy-efficient windows can help minimize the cooling and heating costs, ultimately saving you money.

        Moreover, it's probably a sign you need new windows if you feel a draft even when the windows are shut. On the other hand, if the window frames are chipped and feel soft to the touch, they are likely beyond repair. Soft window frames indicate water infiltration and rot. So before they start sagging, it’s best to replace them.
        Whatever the case is, our specialists will give you suggestions on the best way forward and help you get a clear idea of whether you should repair or replace the windows in your home. Our experts at Main Street Home Repairs know all about it. Moreover, they will help you choose the right kind of window(s) for your home.

        Our services include:

  • Historic window repair

  • Window repair 

  • window replacement

  • new construction window installation

  • new window trim installation

   Remodeling Companies Nashville






   Home renovation can be incredibly calming for your Nashville home or Business, especially when you have been looking to upgrade your home for a while. Still, remodeling is a massive project that requires time, expertise, and money. Hence, you need a trusted and reputable company with the best professionals at hand to take your home renovation project to the next level.

   At Main Street Home Repairs, you can rest assured your home remodeling project will be a success. We are fully insured and licensed and know all the coding requirements. Besides getting a safe feeling in working with our proficient workers, you can rest assured they will do whatever they can to protect your home.
   Even though home renovation can be a fun DIY project, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. There might be specific patterns you want, but you’re unable to access them or don’t know where to access them from. Our professionals have the experience to get materials and other essentials to make your dream home come to life.
    Finally, it takes the right people and a proficient team of workers to do a full-scale renovation project. This is why you should place your trust in a reputable company, like Main Street Home Repairs, with years of experience to ease the process.


            Our remodeling services include the following: 

  • Interior remodeling

  • Exterior remodeling

  • Full-home remodeling

  • Small remodeling projects Nashville

                Rental Property Repairs


    It is crucial to maintain your Nashville rental property if you wish to keep it in good shape and make it appear appealing to existing tenants and prospects. Remember that your tenants are the primary income source if you own a rental property. However, if your rental property is in poor condition, there’s no way for you to draw in the best quality tenants.

    Routine maintenance and rental property repairs are essential to keep your rental unit in good and livable condition. Whether you own a multi-unit structure or a single-family home, there will be many instances when you will have to repair the property to guarantee and extend its continued livability.
    For instance, if you observe a broken door or window or a leaking roof, you must get the damages fixed at your earliest. Heating, electrical, and plumbing systems all require repairs and routine maintenance. These issues must be resolved right away for your tenants’ safety. Repairs are actions implemented to restore your rental unit to its original state.
     To ensure your property remains habitable and complies will all the regulations and laws, schedule a full-fledged property maintenance or repair project with Main Street Home Repairs.












         Our professionals will address the issues that require fixing and correct any defects found with your property. Moreover, we will make the essential repairs to maintain your rental property and keep it safe for tenants. Our rental property repairs comprise the following:

  • Full property maintenance

  • Service calls

  • Tenant turns

  • Deep cleaning

  • Trash out

                                   Why Choose Us?




          When you have a locally owned and operating small business  and reputable company like Main Street Home Repairs in town, it doesn’t make any sense to call in a roofer, plumber, electrician, or a brick mason to take up a single project.


    Our team understands the essence of having someone to trust and rely on who can provide home repair, maintenance, and improvement services when you need them the most. We aim to be the number one home repair and improvement company you can reach out to when you have a home repair, roofing, or remodeling project.


    Contact us for your free quote, or call us for more information at 615-756-4353, so we can start making your home look refreshed and brand new. We are looking forward to working with you on any of your home projects. 

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Our service areas:

Goodlettsville TN, Gallatin TN, Springfield TN, Hendersonville TN, Nashville TN,

Portland TN, Joelton TN, and the surrounding area.

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